------------------ BIOGRAPHY -----------------------------------
Bruno Barbey, born in Morocco, has dual nationality, French and Swiss. He studied photography and graphic arts at the École des Arts et Métiers in Vevey, Switzerland. From 1961 to 1964 he photographed the Italians, considering them as protagonists of a small 'theatrical world', with the aim of capturing the spirit of a nation.
Bruno Barbey began his relationship with Magnum Photos in 1964. He served as Magnum vice president for Europe in 1978/1979 and as President of Magnum International from 1992 to 1995.
Over five decades Bruno Barbey has worked in all five continents and covered wars and conflicts in Nigeria, Vietnam, the Middle East, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Kuwait. His work has appeared in the world's major magazines and he has published over 30 books.
In 1999 the Petit Palais, Paris, organized a large solo exhibition of photographs that Bruno Barbey had taken in Morocco over a period of three decades.
In 2015/2016, La Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris, presented his retrospective exhibition which is currently circulating internationally. He published simultaneously his retrospective book “Passages”.

He has received numerous awards for his work, including the French National Order of Merit. His photographs are exhibited worldwide, and feature in numerous museum collections.
In 2016, Bruno Barbey became a member of the French Academy of Fine Arts, Institut de France.
Today he is working on a new project and photographing extensively in China.

------------------ BOOKS -----------------------------------
2016 PASSAGES, published by Edition de La Martiniere
2015 Photopoche, Acte Sud
2015 China, from Mao to Modernity, published by Editions Didier Millet.
2014 Chine, published by Les éditions du Pacifique.
2012 Bruno Barbey , Fotocep,published by Fotografevi.
2012 China in Kodachrome 1973 - 1980, Beaugeste photo Gallery, Shanghai, China.
2011 Oman 1971, The Empty Quarter Gallery.
2010 Shanghai, boxed set.
2008 1968, published by Fotografei, Istanbul, Turkey.
2008 68 and May 68, Bruno Barbey's notebook (with of 15" film by Caroline Thienot Barbey), Creaphis, France.
2003-2004 Maroc, Editions de la Martinière, France / My Morocco, Thames & Hudson, UK / Marokko, Knesebeck, Germany.
2002 Les Italiens, Editions de la Martinière, France; The Italians, Abrams, USA.
2001 Le Paris de Sartre et Beauvoir,photographie du Paris d'aujourd'hui by Bruno Barbey, published by Edition du Chene.
2000 Essaouira, Editions du Chêne, France.
1999 Photo Poche, Editions Nathan, France.
1998 Mai 68, Editions de la Différence, France.
1997 Gens des nuages, with JMG Le Clézio, Editions Stock, France.
1996 Fès, immobile, immortelle, Editions Imprimerie Nationale, France.
1988 Portugal, Hoffmann & Campe, Germany.
1984 Le Gabon, Editions du Chêne, France.
1982 Pologne, Editions Arthaud, France / Poland, Thames & Hudson, UK / Polen, Hoffmann & Campe, Germany.
1979 Bombay, Time & Life Books, Netherlands.
1978 Nigeria, Editions Jeune Afrique, France.
1976 Iran, Editions Jeune Afrique.
1974 Ceylan, Editions André Barret, France.
1968 Ecosse, Editions Rencontre, Switzerland.
1967 Koweït, Editions Rencontre, Switzerland.
1966 Kenya, Editions Rencontre, Switzerland.
1966 Portugal, Editions Rencontre, Switzerland.
1964 Camargue, Editions Rencontre, Switzerland.
1964 Naples, Editions Rencontre, Switzerland.

----------------FILMS -----------------------------------
2015 Maroc éternel, Caroline Thiénot-Barbey (28 min)
2015 Pologne, foi de l’impossible, 2015 , Caroline Thiénot-Barbey (20 min)
2015 Passages , Caroline Thiénot-Barbey (26 min)
2014 Apocalypse Koweït, Caroline Thiénot-Barbey (5 min)
2012 China en Kodachrome, Caroline Thiénot-Barbey (18 min)
2008 Mai 68 vu par Bruno Barbey, Caroline Thiénot.
2005 Grand Angle, 2M, Maroc.
2003 Panoramiques Maroc, Caroline Thiénot (betanum, 12 min).
2002 Les Italiens, directed by Caroline Thiénot (betanum, 10 min).
1996 Maroc sans Frontière, directed by Mostafa Bouazzaoui for Moroccan television.
1988 Assignment in Morocco, BBC, directed by Clem Vallance (in conjunction with centenary of National Geographic).
1979 3 Jours, 3 Photographes, directed by F. Moscovitz (about Bruno Barbey, Jean Loup Sieff and Robert Doisneau).
1968 Mai 68 (16mm, B&W).